Our Bubble Wrap

We’ve recently expanded into our 2nd warehouse near Ipswich, and are manufacturing bubble wrap with SMALL bubbles daily whilst keeping large quantities of stock available on the floor.

General purpose bubble wrap is made from small bubbles. Each has a diameter of 10mm and a height of 3.5mm. It is suitable for both heavy and lightweight items on longer storage or journey cycles.

Bubble wrap rolls with Large Bubbles can be ordered upon request, but this is not our focus on manufacturing at this time.

We are currently manufacturing the following sizes of bubble wrap with
SMALL bubbles (10mm and a height of 3.5mm):

Number of Rolls In the
packs we sell:
Width Length
One (1) Roll  1500 mm  100 Metres
Two (2) Rolls  750 mm  100 Metres
Three (3) Rolls  500 mm  100 Metres
Five (5) Rolls  300 mm  100 Metres
Fifteen (15) Rolls  100 mm  100 Metres

The only ingredient used in our bubble wrap products is Polyethylene, and all of our bubble wrap products are 100% recyclable.

Ordering Large Quantities?
Our bubble wrap rolls can be ordered in large volumes, and we’re always happy to talk about price depending on your exact requirements.

We’re ready to deliver Articulated Lorry or truck loads smaller than this on a daily basis.

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