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Also known as “2-inch tape”, 48mm packaging tape is the most widely used size of tape in the UK as it can accommodate a wide variety of sealing requirements. Perfect for sealing cartons, boxes, bags and packages, it provides a secure seal for items in storage and in transit. 

Available in brown (brown tape is also known as “buff tape”), clear (transparent) and “FRAGILE” print (red on white). 

Our most popular stock for all 3 tapes is: 

66 Metres x 48mm x 45 Microns 

The number of microns refers to the thickness of the tape, and 45 microns thickness withstands the majority of commercial / retail packaging needs.

Our tape sticks extremely well to cardboards and similar surfaces. And thanks to its UV and moisture resistance it ensures your packages are sealed well come sun or rain!

Brown Tape

Clear Tape

Fragile Tape

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